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Tubular Balloon Padding machine comes in 5 variants to suite the customer budget and dye house needs. M1 comes with all options and M4 is best suitable for customer who wants to test our technology and quality. We can offer as Single Dip Single Nip or Double Dip Double Nip machine.
Textile Machine - Tubular Padding Machine - Balloon Padder Fully Innovative, Cost effective and add on facilitated VAVU-M4 budget model of Tubular balloon padding machine is at production and ready for customer evaluation. Any time up-gradable to our premium model by adding Turn Table, De-Twister, J Box, and Magnetic spreader. Our Tubular Padding machines are being offered in five different customized variants after studying the industrial needs. We are also Manufacturer of Tubular Compacting machine Tubular Relax Dryer Open width padding machine Slitting Machine Open width compacting machine Pin Frame Dryer We have special mentioning for our technical expertise in the following: Magnetic spreader and components, Frame Magnets, Full machine Automation, Control Panel & automation, Potentiometers, IP controllers, Load Cells, Legacy PLC Work, Special Controllers, Anti-Static controllers, LCD, TFT and Touch Screen Works.