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The Slitting Machine (VATTAHALVETTI) , a button strip connected on touchscreen operator panel makes it possible to balance and move the spreading unit, and to move the basket in auto/manual mode. The turn table, de-twister, spreader and plaiting units are synchronized with professional in-house automation techniques. Operator friendly, maintenance and remote trouble shoot would be the highlights of the machine. We are also Manufacturer of Tubular relax dryer, Tubular balloon padding machine, Open width padding machine, Tubular compacting machine, Open width compacting machine, pin frame entry.
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Open Width padder Our Open Width padding machine (AkalTira Thiravaniikki) is designed for the finishing of Open width knitted fabrics after the process of washing and dyeing. This machine can be installed on rope opener, Slitting machine exit, open width dryer and stand alone padding machine as well. It's outstanding compact design is very adaptive to suit with any machines like, SLITTER, STENTER & DRYER. The strong stainless steel construction housing makes the machine long lasting and results are consistent even after many years. This machine require very less maintenance and user friendly. We are also Manufacturer of: Relax Dryer - Tubular-Relax-Drying-Machine Tubular Compactor - Tubular-Compacting-Machine Open Width Compactor - Open-Width-Compacting-Machine Balloon padder - Tubular-balloon-padding-machine Open Width Padder - Open-Width-Padding-Machine Slitter - Slitting-Machine
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Tubular Relax Dryer (Kattrulartti) is designed for tension less shrink and relax drying of knitted fabrics in a wide variety of versions as Kattrulartti series, which can be chosen depending on the need of performance subject to the environmental conditions with heating source of choice as Thermic oil, Steam or Gas based. The Kattrulartti series are designed with care for shrinking, relaxing and tension less drying of knitted tubular and open-width fabrics. Fabric guidance and feeding can be done in multi line threading system and drying process can take place at a single treatment level. We are also Manufacturer of Balloon Padding Machine (Ballon padder) - Tubular Padding Machine Open Width Padding Machine (Open Width Padder) Relax Dryer Slitting Machine / Slitter Tubular Compacting Machine (Tubular Compactor) Open Width Compacting Machine (Open Width Compactor)
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Our Tubular Balloon Padding Machine (VattahalVirutti) is an ideal hydro discharge and overstretch machine designed for the tubular knitwear finishing to an international standards. Leading marks are avoided by over stretching the tubular fabric after the squeeze rollers. Splendid squeezing effects by using special coating for padding rollers. Excellent residual shrinkage values due to controlled spreading and compression/wet compacting process as an ideal basis for the subsequent drying process.
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Tubular Balloon Padding Machine (VattahalVirutti) is an ideal hydro discharge and overstretch machine designed for the tubular knitwear finishing to an international standards. Unlike the unfavorable traditional centrifugal or squeezer, where in only hydro extraction and folding was the sole finishing process, Our double dip Padding machine (The discharge and overstretch machine) is designed for continues untwisting, untangling, draining, spreading and wet compacting of knitted fabrics in a single process. The finished fabric is assured to have an uniform appearance nailing the problems such as creasing, running folds, bow marking, fiber overlaps that are associated issues with the age old padding machines.